The Raspberry Cottage is well equipped with these must have amenities to serve our valuable guests.

Satellite TV

television with over 60+ channels to watch and chill out.


A well equipped washroom with a hot water geyser, dryer, large mirror…etc

Garden Area

A wast space of garden for you and your family to relax with a breath taking view surrounding the bungalow.

Luxury Rooms

3 spacious guest rooms with cozy blankets…etc;


The Raspberry Cottage is one of the top Tour Destination getaways located in the heart of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.Bunglow Cottage for Holidays in Sri Lanka.

pedro tea factory

The only place you need to visit not only to purchase some delightful tea, but also to see for yourself how it’s been made. You will be able to sip some fine tea while you tour around the factory as well. The visit to The Pedro Tea Factory will be an historical experience for sure!

lovers leap waterfall

young prince and his beloved girl were caught by the soldiers of the king, when they tried to drag him back to the palace by -Force. The two Lovers embraced for one Last time, held hands and jumped off the mountain, of Pidurutalagala is called Lover’s Leap

hortain plains

Horton Plains National Park is a protected area in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Large herds of Sri Lankan sambar deer feature as typical mammals are found in this area.

trekking to bomburu ella resouver

This extraordinary waterfall is located few kilometers away from The Raspberry Cottage. we are able to arrange an exciting trekking journey with a experienced guide who knows the area in and out. A lovely location to just relax and admirer the true beauty of the nature.

services we offer

We offer these services not only because your stay at The Raspberry Cottage, but also because we care about our guests.

Transportation to Hortain Plains

Free pickup from Nuwara Eliya Town

Airport to hotel transport for just $90

We organize travel tours all around the country as well